It is amazing that tourists still go to Rio de Janeiro

What explains this fissure of foreign tourists in Rio de Janeiro? Rio is Latin America’s long-standing Damascus, a lawless city, where slum dwellers and hills often hate police officers to devise traps for security agents, while banditry runs away from house to house with the luxurious help of A population co-opted, a population converted to the ethics of crime. Adults and children already contaminated by the hatred that has become cultural.

And stubborn tourists insist on getting to know the ex-wonderful city, risking their pockets and purses on the beaches and surroundings and their lives when they miss the itinerary and stop at the entrance of any hill.

Favelas are not made for decent people. Hill, in Rio de Janeiro is Falluja, Caracas, Ankara, Mexico City, Tijuana, Palmira, Juárez, Chihuaua, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cali, La Paz, Cape Town, Laredo, Almost all of Honduras, any hole in North Korea, Homs, Raqqa, Mossul …

What is missing so that foreign tourists are not deceived by the fraudulent propaganda that Rio de Janeiro pays in the media? How does the guy leave his country, come to Rio and die just because he missed the way? And they keep coming anyway? The best part of Brazil is in the interior and not in this trap called Marvelous City, that of wonderful, only has the facility to put the life of the tourist in danger?

Rio has been a fraud for tens of years, Rio is a paradise taken over by satan, it is minefield covered with grass and flowers, and samba, and bossa nova, and pagode, and Maracanâ, and soccer, and Rock Festivals…

But people insist on putting their lives and their families in jeopardy when making the adventure of knowing the paradise of hell, that is only waiting for the unwary to assault, to rape, to kidnap or only to surrender to the race of the demon of the cariocas hills that, Like Judas, embrace, kiss and then call the praetorians of the narcotics gangs to satiate the victims that always stop.

The truth about Rio is that it is an eternal plaza of war, disguised by lying propaganda and fraudulent sporting events. The Brazil that provides is in countryside, among the people who are the true natives of this country, the people who produce wealth and no just consume them like the cariocas does forever.

Rio has gods of war with own army that are supported by Paraguay with the luxurious aid of the Federal Highway Police, that spends its precious time, focused on catch who passes to 65 km per hour where it was 60.

Going to Rio is to go to hell, praying that Satan is on vacation and has taken his favorites politicians along. Always remember that in Rio, Human Rights are, above all, a ideological faction of crime.

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