New life and a hummingbird

Change, do not be afraid! If you acted and you acted wrong, change! It will not kill you, it may hurt, but it will make you reborn. And I wish 2018 to be the Year of Rebirth for a people, for a nation, for any relationship.

Promise that you will relearn how to interpret, interact, tolerate, resist, re-signify the cultural phenomenon of your country. Promise that you will learn to take other paths, especially those who have injured the Motherland. Promise!

Promise that you will relearn how to be the child you once were, who will build bridges and not walls, who will assume your responsibility as a being of God and not as a servile being. You are pure intelligence in a state of transition and effervescence, you are an ocean of possibilities, a universe of opportunities. There on the corner is any happiness waiting for you. Go to her, but go loving yourself!

Use fear as it should be used: just as a defense mechanism, for that is what it is, nothing more. Use your body as an instrument of the Good, as a banner of understanding, as a means of sharing.

Resurrect as the sun does every day, no matter what happened the day before. The sun is up there to tell you that you are the most important person the planet has. Love yourself above all and everyone, for only loves the one who carries the self-love within. But, never give up kissed hand love. Whoever does it, does it sickly.

Love is necessarily a two-way road. Do not love those who offend you repeatedly, because this is not love, this is a disease. Because when that happens, no one is learning anything except restraining himself to being trampled like a doormat at the front door. Love is demanding and not exchangeable. Get rid of the Fear Ideology as if you were scraping something rotten from your skin.

May 2018 be the Year of the Best Self! You are, deliciously, the best part of this planet. If this is latent in your brain, let’s restart a nation. Feel cuddly embraced and kissed like a passionate hummingbird.


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