The Myth of Friendship

The latest political events through which the country has gone, in addition to showing that the majority want a new country (this is called democracy), have opened up truths that were incubated in relationships considered safe. But in the end, they were fragile ports dotted with fake paint strokes with loud hypocrisies and common interests.

They were not friends, they never were! They were clusters of humans who, by liking the same things and thinking alike about everything, saw themselves as infinite twin souls, indestructible monoliths. But from there comes the differentiated view and “spoils everything”. It is life, in its complexity, showing you when there has never been intelligent love. There were coincidences, opportunities before the dazzling sweetness of looking at the same world. That is, truly, it was never friendship. Because friendship should be something much more transcendent and strong and so I do not know it exists in the fullness of the word.

It seems to me that the concept of “Friendship” has become a myth. The Myth of Friendship! Someone who thinks the same is your friend and is your confidant the right person to be by your side? To listen only to your friends of confession, is it not just listening to yourself? Is thinking like them lucid? What is comfortable this is, but what about you?

It is that disappointment to see coldness where once there was pure energy, disdain where there was complicity, barbs where poetry existed, looks diverted where there was passion, ideologies where there was feeling. In the end, right at the very end, this paradox called Life shows us that, we humans, we really are a hurricane eye, a space fold hoisted, a rifle shot randomly, a fiery arrow, a hallucinated escape by a road any.

And so we die: lost in the midst of diverse worlds within our brain in disarray. Therefore, no matter the possession, intellect, unreasonable faith or your group of pseudo-friends … Let us cross the Great Bridge of Eternity alone!

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