The Liver and the Brain

It’s impressive! The journalists, sociologists, philosophers, intellectuals, professors, social scientists, historians, bloggers, notorious media stimulators and the like have come close to the semi-collective hallucination of the analysis of the social phenomena. Plated opinions of all possible rancids contaminate reality from individual squint glances.

Scraps that did not exist, revolutionaries who never were, bandits transgressed by heroes, heroes transvestite of bandits, crimes that are not crimes even being them, strategic guilts being absorbed by ants loaded with spurious ideological doctrines daily explode in the media channels.

Who loses? Brazil, only him! Because realities never change when their interpretation is a farce. A country no longer knows what Good is and what Evil is. Confusion of concepts daily feeds on paranoid programs and posts that specialize in distorting facts to the pleasure of the individual, not at all.

The ruin of the search for sustainable solutions finds fertile ground here. We are, finally, the country where the universal concepts of what is true, have turned into social experience. Thinkers with mental ages close to childhood pulverize the popular imagination from famous microphones or solitary keyboards.

Who loses? Again the country! Because we’ll never meet until we can interpret our culture. Thinking with the liver and the Brain has incredible peculiarities.

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