Americans brake China

It took a while, but it happened: the American parliament banned the acquisition of farmland to foreign governments, mainly to China. The main argument was National Security. China is buying farmland across the planet because the Chinese Party is clearly turning countries into food-producing units for the Chinese people.

This is another example that we must look at Brazil from an outside-in view. It will not be weapons that will make a difference in the future, but water and food, two weapons we already have. We get them from God!

So, voter, when you choose a deputy, a senator, a president, a mayor, a councilor, a governor, a state deputy from the Left, you are burying your country because these people are pro China, pro communism, pro mafia, pro corruption, pro indoctrination and non-Education, pro friends of the king, pro parasitism. These people love an idea, not their country.

What the Americans are doing is to protect themselves from a very well-built invasion, as the infamous NGOs were doing in the Amazon. Remember?

Our problem is not the PT, PSOL, PCdB, Rede, PSB, PDT, MBL, etc, but against what these fanatics carry within themselves. First they kill the Christian God at School, then destroy the Family, then eliminate the Christian Religion, then the Christian Ethics, then the character-building Values, then the Meritocratic Evolution, then implant the Social Parasitism of their Predator Elite, the deformation of art that is used as an attack force only, buys an entire judiciary to “legally” protect themselves.

Now, those who do all this without the slightest constraint, handing over productive lands to friendly nations is an evolutionary step for them. They have already done this here with the money you, worker, had in the BNDS to invest in national production, remember?

If you think that Coronavirus is the most important thing today, it's because you don't understand the social phenomenon. The virus is just a mist thrown up to blind fools. Don't be this fool anymore!

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