Knowlege and its trail

The footprints, the side effects, the damage, the constructions that we left behind and that end up serving as a lighthouse, define us as intelligent beings. I see a lot of people bragging about having knowledge in whatever field. And rejoice in it! And they mention names, phrases, contexts, poems, theses as if this were important and vital. In most cases, it all ends up in a solo race to climb the Ego itself.

Now, "knowledge" itself is just a truck without brakes going down a hill. Knowledge is filling, it's pure mass, it's machined concrete, that's all. Reading countless books, quoting, specializing in quibbling, becoming a Ctrl C Ctrl V of famous people's clippings defines no one. There is no original signature there.

The difference, the only healthy difference is "what knowledge does to the surroundings". That's where human beings important to humanity and those who fall in love with suckers and manufacture useful idiots come in. I repeat again: having knowledge means spluttering, the effect is like spitting against a wild wind.

Repeating phrases like a photocopier machine, quoting known characters just because they sing songs that enchant you, means nothing if the effect of the songs in the surroundings is harmful to social intelligence, deconstructing the acts of Good and promoting the evolution of Vil. See brazillian, the Brazil you received back, after years of the Vil commanding the life of your backyard.

So I go back to the tracks, the footprints. It is they, the tracks, the footprints, that make the difference. Content itself doesn't determine one's social intelligence, but the footprints that content leaves, that's vital! Losing the ability to see yourself is the beginning of man's destruction as a unique being. If the light you chose to project comes from Evil, rebuild yourself, because you are not paying. Not to God!

Oh, but, you don't believe in the Creator...! Well, then it turns out who that truck driver downhill is.

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