Letter from a brazillian to refugee

Refugee, if you go to another country and continue voting to Left Ideology, your mental misery has now migrated with you to the country that welcomes you.

When crossing the border, reborn, please! Kill who you were as a voter because it didn´t work there, It won´t work here, except to make here the hell that was there. And we already have our ideological evil militia doing it.

Follow in the footsteps of our italians, germans, japaneses, portugueses, polish, etc…! This is no place for parasites, we already have ours and it´s difficult to sustain them.

You´ve earned the right to be a citizen here, don´t be the citizen you were there. Because this citizen Who crossed the border is a failure, a defeated, an irresponsible one, otherwise he wouldn´t be fleeing poverty withou a fight. Here, on brazilian soil, you have to work hard, you have to respect the national symbols and not use the nation as a springboard for greed and profit.

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