With the Left in power in the US “Parents are the enemy”

Unbelievable what happens to the greatest nation on the planet! With Biden in power, I mean, with the Left in power, crime has increased, the invasion of miserables from Left administrations has increased, idler militias driven by hatred and vile poetry proliferate in cities, the unemployment rate has increased and the famous beating the Taleban gave without firing a bullet to the most powerful army on Earth was the cherry on the midden.

But it could get worse! And it was, obviously! Even leaving American hostages on Afghan soil in the hands of some of the worst terrorists on the planet, Biden offered, believe me, 10 billion dollars in aid to the tyrants, in addition to giving away billions in military equipment, all from the pocket of the American taxpayer.

Biden is Lula, is Dilma, is José Dirceu, is Fidel, Maduro, Haddad, Boulos. It's Dória, Moro, Gleisi, Renan, Omar Azis, Humberto Costa, Randolfe Rodrigues…! It's Paulo Freire, it's Eduardo Leite, It's Folha, Estadão, Globo, CNN, Veja, Isto É, UOL, it's the STF, Band… People who love power and see the nation as a mere side effect.

In the US, the Left now wants $6 billion in new federal funds to teach critical racial theory in schools and it mines relentlessly, threatening parents who rise up against it at school board meetings. This is the Left at the height of power contaminating everything around it. According to Trump “Parents are the enemy”.

So everything up there I repeat like a photocopier whenever I can: “Citizen, if you just see a dispute between Right and Left, you don't understand anything you see. And our steps as adult voters will determine the future of our loved ones. To be an executioner or not is the question”.

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