The Left and drug trafficking-useful

I said this a short time ago, that the Left doesn't need the Right to collapse, it dismantles itself. Like Communism! It is not bad because Capitalism is better, but because Communism is bad in essence, since it isolates the human factor from the equation, since it only needs a social individual to give it sustainability.

With the recent and bombastic declarations of the former head of intelligence and counterintelligence of Venezuela, Hugo Carvajal, imprisoned in Spain, drug trafficking is placed in the hands of the voters of the Left of the Latin American continent. The brazillian PT races madly to become a terrorist organization. And probably with him, goes PSOL. PCdoB, etc.

We have really reached the bottom of the well, as the hypocritical prophet of the Left, Zé Ramalho would say, “Of those who live silently, hanging in time, forgetting the moments, at the bottom of the well, in the throat of the ditch…”. How life pays the right amount with those who cut it off.

The Forum of São Paulo is exposed as a fetid wound and all its putrefied flesh, which served as content for the domain of a generation, is unmasked from the inside out. Today it is known, thanks to the justice of another country (Brazil's has deteriorated from top to bottom) that, all along, the plan was just to raise funds for social-communist hegemony. All with two funds: the pocket of the sucker Brazilian taxpayer and now, the intercontinental drug trade.

It's no use, there is a greater justice full of irony and aim that controls the human scenario. Nobody dominates it, nor ever will. It is beyond human capacity because it comes from nature and obviously it comes from God. For now, the facts indicate that the Left voter has already decided that the drug, when used as a strategy of domination, is valid.

Here is the so decanted left-sided hypocrisy giving sustainability to Evil… And going bankrupt, naturally! Lulalá, Dilmalá, Gleisilá, Dirceulá, Marxlá, Gramcislá, Kirschnerlá, Chaveslá, Madurolá, Fidellá, Chinese Communist Partylá, Conoraviruslá, MSTlá, Lulalá Foundation, Fernando Henriquelá, Dórialá, Renanlá, Azizlá, Randolfelá, Humberto Costalá…!

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