A new chinese virus

For now, it's just speculation waiting for confirmation, but a second virus created in China is about to contaminate the planet. And China solidifies as a great biological warfare laboratory that exploded and spread tragedies in Earth's backyard.

The cinematographic fiction, unfortunately, becomes the genocidal reality of a country without any control, dominating the darkness of science, like a post-nuclear extermination smokescreen. .

So long dominated by tyrannical communism that the planet has become hostage to an evil cell playing at infecting its surroundings to survive propaganda and the communist status of itself.

Remember, the Left here in Brazil, like France, USA, Argentina, Canada, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., feeds on Communism, like the host's parasite. Change quickly, because the planet won't give you a second chance.

The next Chinese disease, used as a weapon of destruction and geopolitical might, could be the much-feared and ultimate Armageddon. Insist, insist on electing Left politician and you will be globalizing your vote, while spitting in the face of your ancestors who died so that you had a nest.

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