Vote: liberation or sharp razor

In a country where power is chosen by vote, there is no victim! There is predator and accomplice! Therefore, take care of your vote with care! It is a blank check! Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, just to name a few countries in the American continent, are an example of this. Your vote can be two things: a cry for liberation or a sharp knife in the throat of your country.
The years of the Left, when the nation was commanded by the Foro de São Paulo (Fernando Henrique, Lula and Dilma were just one instrument) ended up with time becoming a sharp knife to the throat of Brazil. These were years of deconstruction of Christian ethics, in the largest Christian country on the planet.
The school was the womb of all degeneration, everything originated there, in the classrooms, in the elections for managers based solely on militancy and never on merit. Teachers were the spearhead of a very well armed strategy that remains to this day. Not for nothing are we the butt of the civilized world in Basic Education training and our universities are pitiful with Distance Education throwing into the lap of our young jerks and tyrants as educators.
With Education as the main weapon of coercion, and the indoctrination of our children and teenagers in perfect flow, the Left tried to copy the highest judicial court in the country, the STF. And today we have the shame of seeing 10 ministers brazenly ruining the Constitution to pay for their appointment. A scandal! An exchange of favors that demeaned the First, Second and Third Instances of the Judiciary, with the indignant muteness of judges, prosecutors and jurists.
Tons of corruption, the near surrender of the Legal Amazon to foreign governments, an economy that verged on social tragedy, the destruction of the Family, the attempt to extinguish the Christian God from national life, the Lulista policy of collusion with political parties, all paid for with public money. These were just some of the evil strategies that favored gangs with a red star branded with iron on one buttock and a hammer and sickle on the other.
But all this could only have happened because the Brazilian vote allowed it! While we were fattening up and sleeping, we allowed our country to stay for too long in the scoundrel hands and greedy thinking of a pestilent Leftist elite. We even allowed the Left to decide who is a boy, who is a girl. We have sunk biology and human nature into a deep crater and detonated a nuclear bomb on them.
In other words, instead of liberating our country, we enslaved it and not content with that, we put a sharp razor to its throat called now by the STF ‘Semi-Presidentialism’. This is what happens when you vote wrong. Let’s learn from our mistake and reengineer to make our country a land of citizens, not people. When we were just people we almost destroyed the nest.

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